They’re Stealing Our Stuff!

One of the great frauds advanced by the cityhood hucksters is the idea that somehow we’re not getting our fair share. Even a blind man can see that nothing is further from the truth. But the cityhood scam is built on a shaky foundation of hide-the-ball half truths, deception and double-talk.

See for yourself. Take a leisurely drive through Commissioner Ott’s district. Admire the beautifully landscaped roadway medians, the well-maintained streets and sidewalks, and the overall prosperity we enjoy. Now drive the length of Austell Road. Even its best is worse than our worst. And well before you get to Clay Road, any notion that they’re getting more than us is clearly absurd.

Commissioner Ott gripes about “the amount of taxes paid by the district and the level of service they feel they receive. Many feel they pay more than they get back.” Well of course we pay the highest share of taxes, because we have the highest concentration of wealth.

As for “many feel they pay more than they get back,” note that the Commissioner doesn’t say this is a fact, only a feeling. Allocations and expenditures aren’t opinions; they’re facts. And Commissioner Ott and the whole cityhood cabal offer up everything but facts to support their land grab scam.

Even if it were true that our district pays in more than it gets back, so what? That’s the way democracy works. Take the “donor state” of New York, for example. They pay in $24 BILLION more than they get back, and nobody’s griping about that, are they? So who are the beneficiaries of New York’s largess? Predominantly, they’re the less prosperous Southern states such as Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Kentucky, among others.

Either we’re all in this together or it’s every man for himself. The cityhood scammers are acting like a bunch of spoiled children: “He got more ice cream than me!” Whether he did or not, did it ever occur to the promoters that we already have all the ice cream we need? And for every scoop we get it’ll be two scoops for them.

Left out of the discussion is how, exactly, the proposed city will deliver said services. Absent any facts or consideration of contingencies, it’s all wishful thinking. Besides, are more shopping centers what we really want? That’s what the promoters are promising: “There’s going to be redevelopment,” says insider David Birdwell. Before you jump on that bandwagon, think of the years of disruption, traffic congestion and strain on our existing infrastructure “redevelopment” will inflict. Best of all, you get to pay for it.

At every turn, the swindlers are long on platitudes and short on specifics. Everything will be great, they say. As if it isn’t already? Who are they going to blame when their empty promises of an East Cobb utopia come a cropper? Everyone but themselves, of course. Hey, who wants ice cream?